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¿Why Us?

  • For safety reasons: all our pilots are commercial pilots and also flight instructors.
  • For airport: Sabadell is considered one of the best and most modern airports in Spain
  • For experience: For over 10 years trining pilots.
  • By professionality: all comments you can find about us are positive, and we work every day to remain so.

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  • Millau viaduct The Millau viaduct, in Aveyron (France), was inaugurated on December 14, 2004 after 36 months of construction work. The structure reaches a maximum height of 343 meters above the Tarn River, and a length of 2460 m, between the Causse du Larzac and the Causse Rouge; It has seven concrete pillars, and the board has a width of 32 meters. About 3000 people worked on this project, which cost almost 400 million euros. The Millau viaduct was formally conceived by the French engineer Michel Virlogeux.

    Millau viaduct

  • Piper Warrior III Crew: 1 pilot and 3 passengers. Maximum takeoff weight: 975 kg (2 148.9 lb). Power Plant: 1 × Lycoming O-320-E2A Opposite Cylinder Engine. Power: 109 kW (150 HP, 148 HP). Reach: 867 km (468 NM, 539 SM). Flight ceiling: 4 400 m (14 436 ft). Cruise speed (Vc): 200 km / h (124 MPH, 108 kt).

    Piper Warrior III

  • On board

    On board

  • Landing at Menorca Airport The Airport of Menorca (IATA code: MAH, ICAO code: LEMH) is a Spanish airport of Aena that serves the island of Menorca. It is an international airport with connections to the other Balearic Islands, as well as to the peninsula, and also several European countries: the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy mainly. It is 4 km from the city of Mahon, the capital of the island.

    Landing at Menorca Airport

  • Leaving Menorca Departing from Menorca along the north coast towards Sabadell with an estimated flight time of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    Leaving Menorca

  • Sau reservoir The Sau reservoir, in the municipality of Vilanova de Sau, at the foot of the Guilleries massif, belonging to the Ter river basin, is part of a system of three reservoirs (together with those of Susqueda and Pasteral) that unites the Counties of Osona and de la Selva, in Catalonia (Spain). The marsh, inaugurated in 1962, covered the town of San Román de Sau, the remains of which, especially the bell tower of the temple, are visible when the level of the dammed water is low and even in times of prolonged drought the town is exposed and It is possible to visit it.

    Sau reservoir

  • Following the river Tarn The Tarn river (from the Latin tarnis, which means fast or boxed) is a river in the south of France, which flows parallel to the Pyrenees. A tributary of the Garonne River, it runs through the departments of Lozère, Aveyron, Tarn and Tarn and Garonne. It is 381 km long and drains a basin of 15,700 km². The Tarn passes near the towns of Millau, Albi, Montauban and Moissac. Among the tributaries of the Tarn, one can mention the rivers Tarnon, Dourbie, Agoût and Aveyron. The Millau viaduct, the highest bridge in the world, allows the A75 motorway to cross the Tarn valley near Millau. Its inauguration took place in December 2004.

    Following the river Tarn