About Us and Our Fleet

Intrade Air consists of aviation enthusiasts performing pilot training, aerial work, charter and air taxi. Training and aerial work offered from the Sabadell Airport. The charter and air taxi usually performed from Barcelona Airport. We work for various aviation training centers and offer our services to various companies in the aeronautical sector.

All our pilots wear the Commercial Pilot License and they are flight instructors.

Intrade Air is a trademark of Intrade Consulting, SL, a company founded over 20 years ago. You can see all the tax data in our Legal Disclaimer.


Piper Warrior IIIPiper Warrior III PA-28-161 (2 units)

Single piston. For 4 people (3 + 1 pilot), endurance of 4 hours and a cruising speed of 100 Kts (185 km / h). Ideal for flight initiation and short trips. An example may be a return trip along the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees. Price per hour 370 € .





Piper MeridianPiper Meridian PA-46-500TP

Single turboprop. For 6 people (5 + 1 pilot), endurance of 5 hours and a cruising speed of 260 Kts (482 km / h). Pressurized airplane ideal for long trips and flights instrumental (night or in poor visibility). Enjoy this plane premium comfort. An example of travel may be a flight to London, Paris or an overnight flight to Ibiza. Price per hour 1.090 €.




piper-seminole1-300x148.pngPiper Seminole PA-44-180T (Turbo)

Twin piston. For 4 people (3 + 1 pilot), endurance of 6 hours and a cruising speed of 155 Kts (287 km / h). Ideal aircraft for long trips. An ideal trip is a visit to the Balearic Islands. Price per  hour 520 €.